About us

Welcome to Crypto Elite!

I am Gianmarco, Founder and Co-Owner of this amazing community!

Crypto Elite began its first steps as a Facebook page for those who share common interest in the decentralized world . Later in 2019 it crossed path with, our now partners, the EDV Web Agency of Emanuele De Vito, an event that led to many opportunities and ideas that made us who we are today!

Who are we and what do we do?

We strongly believe in the power of decentralization, the traditional financial system is no longer a threat to financial security and financial freedom.

Though people must be well educated in financial literature.

The team is responsible for promoting and encouraging knowledge of crypto currencies and introducing interested parties to the world of blockchain.

Our mission is to bring anyone and everyone into the crypto world, by providing the means necessary to do the approprate research, Fundamental and Technical analysis, on-chain analyses ect.

…And that’s not all!

We offer unlimited chances to small and big businesses to have more visibility through our marketing plans, opportunities to work with us and/or co-operate and much more!

A little disclaimer: All information provided by us are purely for training and educational purposes and none of it must be taken as a financial advice.

The team: