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Crypto.com announces partnership with Booking.com – Big discounts and benefits to come for the users!

The Crypto.com exchange has announced two important collaborations: with the travel booking site Booking.com and with the blockchain development Alchemy. Discounts on Booking.com and other benefits for travelers Crypto.com, a trading platform that today boasts over 5 million active users around the world, has announced a partnership with the popular travel booking site Booking.com. Thanks […]

The number of tweets containing the word ‘Bitcoin’ hit a yearly high this week

The number of tweets containing the keyword “Bitcoin” surged 43% in the span of a week, according to data collected by The Block Research. The volume of tweets with the word “Bitcoin” in them registered at 242,180 on December 13th and grew to 428,280 on December 20th.  Daily posts containing the word “Ethereum” also jumped […]

Morgan Stanley’s head of digital asset markets says DeFi is poised to keep its momentum in 2021

Morgan Stanley’s head of digital asset markets says decentralized finance (DeFi) isn’t going away in the coming year. For now, Morgan Stanley has noted the so-called explosion of DeFi, according to Andrew Peel. “I would say an evolution of this current momentum in terms of significant interest in the topic will continue through 2021,” he […]

Bitcoin Documentary – by Plot11 –

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It traces the history of money from the bartering societies of the ancient world to the trading floors of Wall St. The documentary exposes the practices of central banks and the dubious financial actors who brought the world to its knees in the last crisis. It highlights […]

Peter Schiff Blames Government for the Massive Dollar Depreciation — Still Refuses to Accept BTC is Digital Gold

Dollar Depreciation In 1942, an ounce of gold was sold for about $35 but due to inflation and the subsequent depreciation of the U.S. dollar, the same ounce now sells for above $1,750. Using this analogy, Schiff asserts that the same itemized bill for a seven-day stay in a New York hospital in 1942 would be equivalent […]

France Declares War on Crypto Anonymity, Cites ‘Terrorism’ in KYC Mandate

The French Ministry of Finance unveiled sweeping know-your-customer (KYC) requirements on all cryptocurrency companies operating in and servicing the country on Wednesday, a move that could ultimately strip the French crypto space of any semblance of anonymity. All virtual asset service providers must immediately begin checking their customers’ identities, verifying “beneficial owners” and prohibit anonymous crypto accounts, […]


17.5 Billion XRP Set to Receive Flare Airdrop as Growing Number of Crypto Exchanges Confirm Support

More than 81,500 XRP-holding accounts have been set up to receive a total of 17.5 billion tokens from the Ripple-backed Flare Networks’ upcoming airdrop.Crypto investors who register their XRP in an eligible account will receive free Spark tokens in a 1:1 ratio when Flare holds the “snapshot” day on December 12th. Recipients will retain ownership […]

Ethereum ETF to debut on the Toronto Stock Exchange

Next week, Canadian digital asset investment manager 3iQ will be launching an IPO for the world’s first Ethereum ETF, The Ether Fund, on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the ticker QETH.U. The maximum offering for the launch is $100 million, and the closing date of the offering will be no later than December 10, […]